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Ben Arogundade, Founder

Hi there. I am a writer, publisher and entrepreneur — one of eight children born in London to Nigerian immigrants who settled there in 1961. I originally trained as an architect before diversifying into graphic design and freelance journalism, where I wrote features for a range of international publications. I have also won two advertising industry awards for my copywriting and have collaborated on scripts with actor Laurence Fishburne.

A brief stint as a model became the catalyst for my first book, 'Black Beauty' – an illustrated exploration of society's historical perceptions of the black image. The title was honoured by the New York Public Library and became the subject of a three-part BBC documentary. Alongside my writing I also work as a voiceover artist and television broadcaster.

In 2016 I launched my own fledgling media company specialising in books and apps. 365 Positivity aggregates health and wellbeing information into a series of self-help apps, while my publishing imprint, White Labels Books, creates print-on-demand, direct-to-consumer fiction and non-fiction.

About Our Books

Printed to order, direct to your door

White Labels Books is a print-on-demand, direct-to-consumer digital publisher. Our books do not exist for sale in physical form, but are held as high resolution PDFs on the servers of our printers, alongside 15 million other books. When you order a title from us (via Amazon), it is printed on a large format inkjet press, then packed and shipped directly from the factory to your address. You can order one copy or a million (the latter would be great). We only print what we sell, and so this means less waste and reduced transport and storage costs. This is a big issue for us, as our customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability. Our books do not have glossy outer jackets, and maximum page sizes are restricted. For us, sustainability also means questioning the lavish production values present within book publishing, and instead taking a more ‘skinny’ approach which focuses more on editorial innovation and design. 

Our printers use paper from sustainably managed forests, and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Our interior paper stock consists of 30 per cent post-consumer waste recycled material, and our inks are chlorine-free. Improving environmental performance, driving down CO2 emissions and reducing, reusing and recycling waste is an ongoing part of the evolution of digital publishing.

Editorially, print-on-demand technology means that making changes to a published book is easy. Mistakes can be corrected or press quotes added to the cover, and the revised digital file, uploaded to the server, is available globally 24-hours later. The whole process is fast and lean. The speed at which a new edition can be published opens up new questions about exactly when a book is “finished”. This offers up exciting new creative possibilities for writers. The version of a novel published on a Monday could be different to the one available the following Friday — or a thriller could publish alternate endings from one week to the next. Since the invention of print there has never been an easier time for any literary entrepreneurs out there to set up their own small presses. 









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